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Specialist crane lorry hire

Heavy industrial and construction materials need specialised equipment for easy transit from one site to another. At ELP Transport, we have a high quality lorry mounted crane available for hire. We pride ourselves on the quality of services we provide to our customers across Essex and locations throughout UK. Our road haulage and truck mounted crane hire services are personalised to make sure your needs are fulfilled.


The benefits of a crane lorry

If you’re thinking about hiring a crane lorry for your project or site and feel that they will suit the job at hand, but you’re still not sure, it’s good to understand how many benefits this equipment has. 

●    Multi-purpose – as previously mentioned, a crane truck can be utilised by many industries and sectors from agricultural and marine to construction and retail. 

●    Accessibility – whereas a traditional crane may have to be transported in components before being set up and can be impractical to some environments, a crane truck is a single unit and is easier to access difficult sites. They also don’t need support pads that conventional cranes need, and can perform a lot better on sandy or soft ground. 

●    Manoeuvrability – a crane lorry can manoeuvre heavy and awkward objects into tight or restricted spaces. The crane end can be rotated up to 180 degrees and can sometimes rotate 360 degrees, depending on the model. They also require a lot less space than standard cranes would, making them ideal for urban, rural and construction environments, and can be moved at any time. 

●    Cost-effective – When hiring a traditional crane, you will have to prepare your site by laying a foundation, installing support pads and building the crane, taking up a lot of time that could otherwise be spent working on a project. However, a crane truck is already supported by the vehicle it’s mounted onto, and you can always work on the original site with no alterations and use the same workforce to operate the vehicle. It’s also a two-in-one piece of kit in that it can haul and transport goods, along with your staff.